An Eventful day at EC Meet Up

On Saturday 2 June 2018, I attended my second #ECMeetUp. After seeing fellow bloggers rave about the event last year, I decided I have to attend one to network, have fun, for the food and the goodie bag. The first one I attended in October 2017 was what they were calling a Mini Meet but even then I learnt so much.


The big event was hosted and organised by the amazing Luchae Williams from My Spreadsheet BrainΒ and Eleanor Meyers from Just Ella BellaΒ and was held at Fairview Racecourse, which is such a beautiful venue. We got multiple warnings that we would probably get lost and despite using the stupid GPS, Taskeen and I still got lost.


Our first talk was by well renowned and experienced blogger Meghan Kelly from By Meghan Kelly. She’s been in the blogging game for about 5 years and her and her husband run a successful digital marketing business as well. She blessed us with all her blogging tips she has learnt over the years, so much so that some of us wanted to go home and change up our blog.


Lyle Scritten from Travelstart was our second guest speaker. Travelstart is a company which offers flight specials for domestic or international flights for any airline, they can help with hotel reservations, vehicle hire and even custom vacation packages. So whether you are looking for return flights to Port Elizabeth or a luxury vacation in Bali, Travelstart can hook you up. The company is also always keen to work with bloggers and influencers around the country, which is great for all of us who were in attendance.


Lyle is also a lifestyle blogger over at Versatile Lyle.Β He mentioned that being a travel blogger does not mean you have to be traveling all over the country or world all of the time. You can be a travel blogger in your own city and explore different parts of it. Our beautiful city of Port Elizabeth has really picked up some major buzz in recent years, with many farmer markets and events taking place as well as activities to do and local restaurants to visit (the food in PE is a vibe), so there is definitely some exploring to do.


Another thing that stood out for me in his talk was to support and engage with each other. Many times we are all trying so hard to make things work for ourselves and keeping things to ourselves that we forget that we have a blogging community, also looking for the same support. So instead of looking at your following/follower ratio, follow the other local bloggers on social media, read their blog posts, watch their YouTube videos and engage with their content. Like and go crazy in the comments section. I can say, that since hearing his talk at the EC Meet Up, I’ve upped my engagement on fellow bloggers posts because we are all trying to make it so we may as well help each other and be happy for the other if they land something they have been working towards instead of being sour that we didn’t get it.


Kirsten Litsen (also from Travelstart) spoke to us about joining their affiliate program, which I am keen to get involved with. Joining their affiliate program helps bloggers earn some Extra bucks from their website.


The EC Meet Up is a must attend event for bloggers in our region, if you haven’t attended one yet, check out my Vlog with Taskeen from Styled to the TΒ here, to see what you missed out on at this one. This is an event for the Eastern Cape so if you’re a blogger in East London, book your flights with Travelstart and be at the next EC Meet Up event taking place in November 2018.


Disclaimer: This blog post is in collaboration with Travelstart.

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