#BBUndercover Shampoo and Conditioner Project

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So you may have seen my on my recent Instagram posts and stories that I received a mystery shampoo and conditioner containing Shea Butter from Beauty Bulletin. I am super stoked to be a part of the Beauty Bulletin Undercover project. I am a real hair freak and have been looking for something to tame my curls and get them looking a lot better. I have researched DIY hair masks etc. which contain Shea butter because in researching “how to get great curls” Shea Butter is the first ingredient to pop up and is in almost every remedy or recipe.


As mentioned above, I do consider myself a bit of a hair freak. This rubbed off from my mom who is a professional hair stylist as well as a qualified hairdressing educator. So I like to think I’m pretty clued up on all things hair, that been said, it doesn’t mean that I only use high-end salon products on my hair. For anything chemical I do to my hair, I always find that it’s best to use salon products as they generally are less damaging to your hair. 



Moving on to the BB undercover project. 


I’ve used the shampoo and conditioner 4 times this past week and I must say that I love it. I read the back and saw that it does contain a bit of sulfate which usually strips your hair of its moisture. However, the main ingredient is shea butter which puts moisture back into your hair. I can definitely say that my hair does not feel dry or brittle. My hair feels softer and is more shiny even when I leave it to dry naturally. I did blow dry and straighten after 1 wash this week and my hair looked amazing and felt amazing. 



For the most part, I left my hair to dry naturally to test it out on my curls and the results were great! After the first wash I already felt a difference. When doing a “wet look” I always leave the conditioner in for the day and rinse it in the evening. I sometimes find that when doing this other conditioners harden my hair, not as much as gel but still hardens it and when it dries, my ends always look a bit dead and damaged. This did not happen with this conditioner. While my ends are still a bit damaged, it did not show as much as usual and when leaving the conditioner on for the day, I found that my hair stayed shiny from root to tip, my curls were more bouncy(which I love) and my hair smelt amazing all day long that even after a long day at work I found my mom sniffing my head and saying “oooh your hair smells so nice.” It does however, have a very familiar smell. 


I think that it could be a salon based brand that may be releasing a retail market range. But I can’t actually guess which brand. Guess we will have to wait for the Big Reveal. So keep a look out for that.


I would repurchase and recommend to anyone, especially if they are looking for something to get those curls bouncing again. 


Thank you Beauty Bulletin for allowing me to be part of this project.


Check out my short review video below. 



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