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So everyone needs a little break once in a while. A break from work or school, a break from your city and a break from your everyday routine.

I recently had a weekend breakaway up the garden route to Sedgefield in the Western Cape. The drive up from Port Elizabeth has such beautiful scenery.

So we left on Friday evening after work and were caught in the beautiful sunset while jamming out to our favourite music (that’s what road trips are about). On my playlist I had:

  • Good luck -back in the day
  • Frank Ocean – pink and white
  • The weekend – I feel it coming
  • James Arthur – say you won’t let go
  • and one of my favourites: Oh wonder (Jeremy Folk remix) – lose it

My time in Sedgefield was awesome as usual, my family and I often go as my granddad grew up in the area and uses it as an opportunity to visit his family.

Family time is so important to me and being able to still spend time and have fun (playing 30 seconds) with my grandparents is such a privilege.

Every Saturday, Sedgefield hosts a farmers market, the wild oats market. So we set aside Saturday morning for the market every time we are there. They have stalls selling a range of different things from fruit and veggies to homemade sauces, biltong and sweeties(obviously my favourite).


This time we adventured to Redberry farm and went strawberry picking. What a lovely little place to spend a Saturday afternoon, perfect for if you have kids or want to go out for coffee. Apart from PICKING STRAWBERRIES, they have a variety of activies including a mini train ride and a maze.

Strawberry picking prices are R20 for a small container and R30 for a big container. However, they only have the small containers available from now until September this year. For a list of their activities click here.


So obviously I took a break from my regular everyday routine and on Sunday morning my boyfriend and I went for a run in the fresh air. It’s safe to say I am insanely unfit. I thought I was going to pass out but I did manage to run about 2900 steps according to my health app which I was very proud of.

If ever you do plan on going to Sedgefield make sure you make time for the market and definitely try and go out onto the lake in a boat. Also take lots of pictures especially if a littls bird fly’s into your chalet ams makes itself at home or your find a tortoise crawling in the back yard (yes, both of these did happen). And if you have been and want to share your holiday story with me don’t hesitate to comment.

? BK

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    1. I really did have fun even if it was just for a weekend. I’ve been to pine lake as well it’s really nice there. Next time you’re in the area you should defs try and go strawberry picking

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