Burnt orange make up trend

Many of you may have seen the current burnt orangey make up trend. Now this is generally out of my comfort zone because I like to stay neutral. HOWEVER! I love it! I loved this trend on blogger Qaanita Orrie and Ashley Herman and I’ve seen it on a few other people’s profile. So I decided to give it a try and I must say, I’m pretty impressed with how it turned out. I’m feeling a possible YouTube video coming on. 

I’m also impressed with myself because I didn’t cake my face to achieve this look and only used 3 brands. 


Below you will find the list of products I used:

Foundation: LA Girl Pro Coverage HD foundation

Concealer: LA Girl Pro Concealer in Medium Beige 

Contour: LA Girl Pro Concealer in chestnut

Eyebrows: Swiitch Beauty Holy Grail Palette 

Customized Blush: Swiitch Beauty Holy Grail Flash Case

Eyeliner: Swiitch Beauty Holy Grail Flash Case

Eyes: Swiitch Beauty Slays for Days (you already know it’s a fave)

Highlight: I left my LA Girl Strobe light highlighter in the car and was too lazy to fetch it, so I used one of the shades in the Swiitch Beauty Slays for Days Palette as a highlighter.

Lipstick: Essence lipliner in Soft Berry, I lined my entire lip because I really liked the colour, then I put a layer of Labello over it to give it shine and also moisturize my lips. 


That is all! Let me know what make up trends you’re loving or that you think I should try. Also, should I do a video? 



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