Cadbury Oreo enrobed Turns 1! Also, Happy World Chocolate Day

Cake by KPA Creations, decor and sweeties by Cute and Chic events

On Sunday 1 July, I attended the first birthday party of Cadbury Oreo Enrobed. If you don’t know by now, that’s the chocolate covered Oreo cookies that come in a pack of 2 and are delicious!

Today is officially their first birthday and it is also World Chocolate Day. It was such a great event, celebrated in true first birthday style. We dressed up in our favourite party dresses (thank you to the weather that played along nicely), there was cake, great eats, a party pack and a magician. The event was held at the beautiful 39 on Church Boutique Hotel.

If ever there was a post I had too many pictures on, this would be it. However, from the pictures you’ll definitely see that fun was had and also how beautiful our local Port Elizabeth bloggers are. These great pictures were taken by Michelle from Cutepix photography.

Moaz the clown came prepared with a silk bonnet for my curls .

Pouring milk on my head, luckily nothing spilled.

As mentioned above, we had a magician/clown (Moaz the clown) as entertainment. I happened to be sitting right in front, so I was basically the magicians assistant. I promise I wasn’t in on any of the tricks. You can see by the pictures that I look like a silly goat but I also thoroughly enjoyed myself. Read the captions below pictures to know what was happening.

Balloon animals for the win, scored some new sunglasses.

Moaz performing his floating table trick.

So in the spirit of #oreoenrobed, I decided to share one of my favourite ways to eat these cookies. Now I’m no chef or baker but here is a great alternative from the regular twist, lick and dunk.

All you need is custard and one pack of #oreoenrobed. You can clearly see you’re not about to get a great recipe. All you need to do is crush the Oreos, sprinkle them over the custard and enjoy. Think of it as an Oreo McFlurry but with custard. It may be really weird to some, but it’s also really delicious.

Let me know if you try this, if you have kids you should definitely have them try it out.

Another successful event by the awesome #ECMeetUp team, Eleanor and Luchae.

Happy World Chocolate Day! ?

Moaz is a pro at Balloon Animals, here we see Venean modeling The pink panther.

Moaz is the pro. Me…not so much, I couldn’t even blow up the balloon.

Fluffy saying Hi to me.

How good do these macaroons by Ginger Pops look? They taste great too.

The beautiful EC bloggers.

The beautiful EC bloggers, also being silly goats.

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