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After a long and great festive season I’ve finally managed to write another blog post. In this post I’ll be telling you about one of my favourite make up brands and which of thier products I find essential for my eyes, especially for those days I want to be natural but not too bland.

Essence is one of my favorite brands because its easily accessible, can be found at any dischem or clicks store or on, is inexpensive and they have a wide variety of products to choose from.

My favourites for my eyes is definitely the all about nudes eye shadow palette, make me brow in browny brows for my eyebrows and the Multi-Action volume mascara.The lash princess mascara is another favourite(but it is a bit more expensive than the Multi-Action).

The all about nudes eye shadow palette is great for a basic natural look. For those days you still want to look fab without having to cake on a full face of make up, which is more often than not for me. 

The palette has 8 fantastic colours, 6 matt and 2 shimmers which you can create a variety of different looks with. As I said, I love it for my natural, everyday look. 

The “all about” palettes also come in roses, bronze, greys and toffee.

For my brows my absolute addiction is the essence “make me brow” range. I use number 2, browny brows because I’ve got naturally dark eyebrows. It also comes in Blondy brows and soft browny brows. 

What is so fab about this product is that it is an eyebrow gel and it dries fairly quick. It has a little mascara brush for you to just lightly brush the gel onto your brows and make your perfect shape. With browny brows I find my eyebrows look super natural and stays fab all day. I also don’t have to buy a separate clear brow gel because make me brow eyebrow gel does the job for me. 

As for my lashes, I have been using the Multi-Action volume mascara. I personally am not a big fan of wearing falsies which is why I like to use a mascara that lengthens and strengthens my lashes. I do prefer the lash princess mascara because I feel it makes my lashes look a bit fuller than the multi-action. 

So these are my top 3 essence eyessentials. If you would like, drop a comment with your top 3 essence products for me to add to my make up kit.

✿ B K 

This post has not been sponsored, opinions and views are my own. 

Essence all about nudes eye shadow palette
Make me browny brows and multi-action volume mascara used for this look

Lash princess mascara and make me brow on the brows

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