My favourite SA bloggers and influencers

I’m sure we all have our favourite bloggers and influencers around the world so in celebration of International Woman’s Day I’ve decided to share my favourite locals and give them the praise that they deserve. Feel free to give each of them a follow on Instagram if you aren’t already following them.

The Curl Queen – Ms Paula Bee

Paula is a blogger and YouTuber from Cape Town. She has been blogging since 2014 but I only started following her in 2016 and since then she has been a fave. She’s probably part of the reason I’m obsessed with off-the-shoulder tops and dresses. She has a really cute style and her curls give me life. Paula posts content quite regularly whether it be on her blog or on her YouTube channel. If you’re looking for style, beauty and life adventures check out her blog. I binge watch her vlogs and her hair and beauty tutorials are really cool too. She has a bubbly personality and whenever I’ve mentioned her to my friends, they have said that she reminds them of me(I definitely take that as a compliment).

Insta: @mspaulabee

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The All Rounder – Qaanita Orrie

Qaanita is everything. Her Instagram feed is goals! What I like about her is that she has a particular style for everything she produces, you can see something that has Qaanita written all over it. She does sometimes disappear for a while but we forgive her because not only is she a blogger, YouTuber/influencer producing top quality content for us but she also has a Husband and household to look after and has a full time job. In between juggling all of this she also has events to attend and needs downtime for herself. This gives me hope that I’ll one day be able to juggle the 3 things I need to get done.

Insta: @qaanitaorrie

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Boss Babe – Brett Robson

Guys! I feel like Brett is actually my friend, why? Because she always answers my DM’s. Brett is not only a blogger, YouTuber/influencer and “my friend” but she is the owner from Shop Brett Robson as well. A local fashion brand that you will definitely find on my blog soon. Brett’s instastories are my absolute fave. One thing I always look forward to is her best and worst looks after an award show(you may have seen my instastory on on Monday after the Oscars). She also listens to us guys! She takes requests on what we would like to see and she fulfills! She is so real and like I said she always answers my DM’s and engages in conversation with her audience, which I really appreciate because I can only imagine how busy she is. I am also a huge fan of her blogging 101 series on her blog. It has taught me quite a bit. So if you are also just starting out and want some tips, check out Brett Robson’s Blogging 101.

Insta: @brettrobson

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My biggest Beauty Influence – Burgundy Beauty(Simran Juglal)

Simran is from my home town, Port Elizabeth #supportlocal. She writes the most honest beauty reviews on both make up and skincare. She keeps you up to date with what is happening in the beauty industry, in terms of #drama but also informs on topics that need to be discussed such as Cultural Appropriation. If ever I want to know something about a certain product I go to her instablog @burgundybeautyza. I need my daily dose of Burgundy so I pretty much stalk her all the time. Simran’s flatlays are the BOMB and as far as I know she uses her cellphone for all her photography, just a testament that you don’t need a fancy camera and expensive equipment to produce great content. GO FOLLOW HER NOW @burgundybeautyza

Image credit: @burgundybeautyza

Extra Ordinary – Just Ella Bella(Eleanor Meyers)

Ella Is another fave curly lady and also from Port Elizabeth. Her blog is unconventional which is my favourite thing about it. She’s got DIY crafty arts, mommy stuff(her son Aidan is my fave, actually), hair stuff and she is one half of the organizers of the EC meet up. She is my adviser for all things blog related and also just other funny things. She’s pretty funny. If ever there was someone who posts regularly it would be Eleanor. Where do you find the time girl? My favourite thing is watching her instastories of her son opening press drops of toys, it gets me really excited and I wish I was a kid again because like Aidan says “it’s not really about the toys, it’s more about the bubble wrap we get to play with after opening it” and I say “Yes, it is!”

Insta: @justellabella

Image Credit: @justellabella

Fashionista Fit Goddess – Styled to the T(Taskeen Daniels)

Taskeen is a fitness and fashion blogger from PE. Her instagram feed is flames and her fashion advice and tips are the best, I know his because I have asked her for fashion advice. She should in fact be a stylist. She is body goals, I aspire to have a body like hers one day when I’m big and I actually start gyming. She is just an all round great person. Check out our NMB Fashion Week collab video here and follow her for cool spots in PE, fitness and great outfits.

Insta: @styled_to_the_t

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That’s all for today folks. I believe that we should be supporting our lady friends so that we can grow together. So go on, like, follow and support. I hope you enjoyed my post. Let me know who your favourites are.

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