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This is not a spring post. That will be up next week sometime. So this is more of an inbetweener post. For those mornings you’re freezing when you leave home but by 9am you’re removing your layers because the sun is now shining. 


With the weather in PE being so indecisive on a regular, it’s best to always leave a jacket in the car for those chilly moments. At least that’s what I do.


So what I do for the in betweener weather is wear a long sleeve T or turtle neck and either wear a cardi or light jacket over. For the colder mornings I pair it with a scarf because it’s just so easy to remove when you’re getting hot but not sweating. 


Generally I prefer to wear pants but on the occasion of wanting to look cute and girly I’ll wear a dress or skirt with stockings. This also depends on how hot it will be getting throughout the day the length of the item and what shoes I plan to wear. 


I don’t believe in wearing heels all of the time just because I’m short. I’m actually more of a flatty but I’ve been really into the block heel trend. 


About this look:

So I decided on my leather pants for this look paired with a plain black turtle neck and a olive slip T(which I’m super into). This is a very plain and straight forward look, so you can literally take any similar items you’ve got in your wardrobe and make it work.


Anyway here’s a few pictures taken by my wonderful boyfriend, Hughan Milborrow.

Black top – Mr Price | olive top and pants – The Fix | shoes – Ackermans

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