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Hi everyone

They say when a woman cuts her hair she’s about to change her life. That time has come for me. My life and appearance is undergoing a revamp.
Anyway, this post is a bit soon after my previous post but I couldn’t wait to show off my new hair. Ta-da! The suggestion initially came from Styled to the T. I was against the idea at first, but then the idea of a new look grew on me.


A new look, for a new job and a new home (hopefully soon). I know in one of my previous posts I mentioned I got my first permanent job, however, that did not work out for various reasons. Fortunately, I can now say I am permanently employed at a company and in a position I am truly happy with and grateful for.

Something about getting a permanent job makes you feel like a “big person” and it comes with “big people” issues. Issues that one needs to learn about and contemplate in a more mature way. Therefore I felt I needed a more mature look to match, hence the haircut. 

About the hair 

My haircut is Lucy Hale inspired. She too has a petite frame and I feel like the cut looks stunning on her. I also highlighted my hair, it’s more of a copper color now. I wanted the “dark-roots, lighter-ends” look, without it looking like an ombre and without damaging my hair with bleach.

  About the look

Guys! I love these jeans. I’m so excited about these jeans because for once a pair of jeans fits me perfectly. The problem I usually end up with is that my jeans are either too long (short girl problems) or they are too big in my waist. I must say, Soda Bloc’s jeans do fit me a lot better than most other stores but I was super impressed with this pair that I picked up at Fashion World.
Mesh and embroidery is super in this season and since we’ve entered the season of spring, I felt it only appropriate to wear flowers on my top. The pink watch is from Trendi Co. Be sure to check out their Instagram account for cute accessories.
For this look, I did my own make up. I’ve recently been using the LA Girl Pro Coverage liquid foundation and their Strobe Light highlight, so far I’m really liking it. I also started using their Pro Concealers, since my make up artist uses it on me. Let me know if you’d like a review on any of these.

Also, let me know what you guys think of my new hair.  


Top – The Fix | Bandeau – JT one @ Woolworths | Jeans – Fashion World | Shoes – Cotton On | Watch – Trendi Co


Photography – Hughan Milborrow 






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