Kisses from the sun

Hello sunshine

So it’s summer time (whoop whoop), the sun hats, shorts and sleeveless tops are out to play and the sun has kissed my skin a little too much.

To be honest, summer and spring are my favourite seasons of the year because I like the heat but there are definitely a few things about it that I wouldn’t mind trading in:

  1. The Sweat – we sweat in places unimaginable and super uncomfortable, especially as girls. To make the sweat problem even worse I’ve got super curly hair which means when my hair has just been straightened and I sweat, 2 seconds later I’ve go frizzy roots.
  2. The heat in the car – OK so we know its like 30 degrees outside and we are prepared for that 30 degrees,  but are we prepared for the 56 degrees it feels like in the car. I’m not sure if it’s just me but it always feels waaay hotter in the car than it does outside. And to make things worse the seats and steering wheel are unbearably hot. Sometimes I drive with only my fingertips on the steering wheel to avoid the burn as much as possible.
  3.  The Sunburn – I am not one that needs a tan but I can’t help but lay in the sun. The aftermath of my relaxation isn’t always worth it. Firstly, because I go so much darker (obviously) and eventually my foundation colour has to change to a shade darker. Secondly, I’m quite the blind bat so I wear glasses pretty much all the time. This means I have a tan around my eyes and nose and have to cover it up with my darker foundation.
  4. It’s illegal and awkward to walk about naked – anyone ever get so hot,  you just want to walk about naked? Yes! But it’s unacceptable to the world and a fan or aircon can only do so much.

So that’s my list of dislikes, pretty sure you’ve got your own too. Here’s my list of likes:

  1. Swimming – I’ve been a water baby since birth. As you can see this shoot was taken by the poolside, I love swimming not competitively just for fun. And the pretty swimsuits are a plus too.
  2. The outfits – people become more accepting to girls wearing short dresses and shorts. I love playing with new outfits for summer.
  3. Festivities – lucky for us we have Christmas in summer and all the other festivities that comes with it.
  4. Family time – as Christmas gets nearer companies close down for a short while and we get to spend more time having fun with our families, having a braai and a drink by the pool of course.

My summer survival tips are:

  1. Keep covered with sunscreen and get some after sun gel too. It really helps to cool down.
  2. Just go get the darker shade of foundation, you’ll use it all summer and if you’ve got any left over,  use it when you’ve run out of contour product, nobody will know.
  3. Swim! You’re already dripping in sweat, you might as well jump in the pool.
  4. There’s really nothing we can do about the heat so stay cool, have fun and enjoy the heat before you miss it when it’s winter in a few months.

Photography – Hughan Milborrow of Mac & Cheese Photography | this playsuit is quite old from Mr Price

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