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I have come to realize how important a skincare routine is, not just for healthier and happier skin but also for a healthy and happy mind. For me, it’s a means of self care and self reflection as well. Another way to relax and reflect is a spa day. At Carley Studios I could have the best of both, laying on the bed and letting their beauty therapists do their thing.

I recently visited Carely Studios for a LED facial and let me tell you, it was amazing! They warmly welcomed me to the beautiful studio and took me on a tour of the place while I waited for the therapist to call me in. The place has stunning peach shades with beautiful crystal chandeliers. 


I was called into my room to start my facial. My therapists name was Nicita and she was great, she made me feel very comfortable and was well informed about what she was doing. She started by removing my make up with the double facial cleanse which was followed by an exfoliation, after which she applied a green tea mask. She then placed the LED mask on my face, advising me that she would use all 3 light colours for an over-all treatment. 


Each light has a different function: The red light is anti-aging and helps with smoother and younger-looking skin, the blue light eliminates acne-causing bacteria, and the purple increases cell regeneration and renews the skin.


The LED mask should stay on for around 20 minutes, however I had it removed early because I felt a slight burning sensation underneath my left eye area. Nicita advised that we rather remove it and mentioned that it could have been the plastic goggles over my eyes since all of the products used have natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals. I was also told that the next time they would put cotton pads underneath the goggles.

After removing the goggles, the burning sensation gradually disappeared and Nicita started with the best facial massage I’ve ever experienced in my life. I wish it could’ve gone on forever, she got to all of the muscles of my face and even went down into my neck and shoulders. Just thinking about it takes me right back, I felt so relaxed afterward. 


Lastly, she applied a moisturizer, a greentea serum and an SPF for sun protection. 


My skin felt so smooth and soft after the treatment. Apart from the slight burning feeling I had, the whole process is painless and I could feel a difference on my skin immediately. In the pictures below you can see how glowy my skin looks, I was able to walk out confidently with no make up.


Nicita gave me her number so I could contact her in case I had any breakouts or skin irritations but after a week later I’ve had no issues and my skin still feels lovely. I was also advised that you should have a good skincare routine of your own to prolong the effects of the facial, adding that you may return for another LED Facial around once a month after.  


Thank you Carley Studios for your amazing service, I enjoyed my time there and I’m so happy with the way my skin is looking and feeling.

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Carley Studios.


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