Looking Leany, Not Teeny-Weeny

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I am aware that I have delayed this post by a whole week and I apologize for this but I was feeling a bit under the weather and landed up on a drip in hospital, sometime last week. Fortunately, I was not kept over night, I hate hospitals. But I am feeling much better now. 


About this look


Anyway, this is a rather short post. This outfit is based on what was one of my favourite summer trends, The slip dress over a plain tee. So I’ve basically done exactly the same here just with a long sleeve instead of a short sleeve.



Because we already struggle to find our perfect fit, obviously, we don’t want our clothes to look baggy on us because this makes us look even smaller and like our clothing is too big for us. The tight fitting tee will wrap your body and make you look lean, while a loose or over-sized tee will make it look…over-sized. So for us petite ladies, it’s best to pair a short loose fitting dress and show some length in the leg, with a tight long sleeve tee as I’ve done here. I really like this pop of colour, burnt orange long sleeve from Soda Bloc.


For a cold winter day or night, this look can be worn with tights and a leather jacket.


I hope your find some inspiration from this post, if you have any thoughts let me know in the comments section. Also, since I’ve mostly been doing fashion posts recently, let me know if you’d like some more beauty posts, . Stay tuned for more new content in th near future.


See ya soon.

dress & top – Soda Bloc | Boots – Ackermans


Photography – Hughan Milborrow

MUA – Metallic Make-Up Artistry 


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