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So you want to enjoy great coffee from the comfort of your home but don’t own a coffee machine? Bleh! Well, I am here to help with that. I’ve teamed up with Mastertons to give you alternative methods of enjoying great coffee with out the coffee machine and without breaking the bank.


What you’ll need is a great coffee blend, a filter cup set or a plunger.

Step 1: Get down to Mastertons for a quality coffee blend (you can also shop online, for those outside of PE).

Step 2: While you’re there, check out their filter cup set too. The set includes: 1 filter cup, 40 filter papers and 1 measuring spoon.

Using the Filter cup:

  • Place the filter paper in the filter cup and place cup on top of your coffee mug
  • Scoop the blend and place it in the cup 
  • pour your boiling water into the filter cup and wait
  • The coffee will then filter through the small opening at the bottom of the filter up and drain into your coffee mug
  • Add milk creamer and sugar and enjoy a fresh cuppa!


Using a Plunger:

  • Add a scoop of grinded coffee blend to the plunger
  • Add a bit of boiling water and gently stir
  • Fill  the plunger with boiling water for the desired amount of cups
  • Replace the lid and wait a few minutes for the coffee to brew
  • Slowly depress the plunger. It’s best to do this on a non-slip, solid surface.
  • Pour coffee into your mug and enjoy!


Now that you know how to make your coffee, here is what it will cost you:

Mastertons Coffee Blends – Ranging from R55 – R205

They have a wide variety of blends to choose from and even have chocolate coated coffee beans! Bare in mind that beans need to be grinded before you can use them in the filter cup or plunger.

Filter Cup Set – R30

Plungers can be found at most super markets and home stores and prices start anywhere from R70 depending on the size you’d like. 


And now for the fun stuff! 

I am giving you a chance to win an awesome Mastertons Coffee Hamper.

The hamper includes:

  • 250g festive coffee blend
  • 1 Filter cup set
  • a Mastertons branded mug
  • a Sjukla chocolate slab wit Ethiopian coffee
  • and Darling coffee toffees (YUM!)

To enter all you have to do is the following:

  1. Follow myself @x_kellyadams_x and Mastertons @mastertonscoffee on Instagram 
  2. Like the Instagram giveaway post and tag 2 friends in the comments section with the hashtag #basicallybrewing
  3. Let me know where your fave coffee spots in town are.

That’s it! 

Competition closes Monday, 18 December 2017. Winner announced on Tuesday, 19 December 2017.


Good luck!! 


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