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I know it’s been a while and I know you probably hear people say “I’ve just been really busy” all the time but I really have been really busy. Between finishing off my short course, my freelance work, doing shoots and getting a permanent job(yay! Finally) I’ve also been to the national arts festival this past weekend and planning some other really awesome stuff.

Anyway, this post is about my go to winter outfit, A warm jersey and black bottoms paired with boots.  

A jersey of any colour can always be paired with black bottoms. I’m not afraid to admit that I have a jersey in a different colour for every day of the week and that doesn’t stop me from wanting to buy more. What does stop me is my mom giving me “that look” and asking me “are you really going to buy another jersey?” 

My excuse is, I’m small, I get cold easily which is not a lie and I hate getting cold. So that’s why a warm and fuzzy jersey is my go to.

About this look

So for this look, I paired my stone coloured jersey with leather black pants. Leather pants have been in for the past few seasons and I’ve been seeing them in a variety of different colours, which I think is super cool. I’ve paired this look with my fave thigh high boots and a hat. I felt that for this particular outfit it needed something more than just the leather pants to finish off the look.

This is a very basic look that anybody can pull off with a black pair of leggings or jeans and any jersey you’ve got in your wardrobe. It’s not fancy but can be very versatile to wear to work, out shopping or to lunch and if you do it up, for an evening out as well. 

Let me know what your winter go to items are.

That’s all from me for now, I’ll try not to stay away for too long

Jersey, pants & hat – The Fix 

Shoes – Rubi Shoes


Photography – Hughan Milborrow

MUA – Metallic Makeup Artistry

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