Thankful for another year!

I am two days away from celebrating my 24th birthday. Thankful to have spent another year on earth, blessed with growth, laughter, lessons and endless possibilities. I’m learning to stop comparing myself to others, to accept things that I cannot change and face everything head on. I’m learning to focus on the good things and blessings in life and learn from situations that have you feeling down in the dumps.


This year I want more adventure, I’d like to take bigger risks, put myself out there, be brave and lose my fear of rejection and failure. My blogger goal is to continue to grow my brand and create better content with each post. If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see me create on my blog or YouTube channel, leave a comment below. I’d like to focus on building YouTube this year too. So if I am missing from the blog for a while, it might be because I’m creating video content.


Anyway, on to this awesome shoot. The story of this very spontaneous shoot goes like this: Last Friday, Maverick Coltman asked if anyone was available for a shoot the next day. Naturally, I said I’m game. I’ve worked with Mav before, so I know how awesome he is. Saturday came and was actually quite a chaotic day for me. I had no idea what I was going to wear, how I would do my make up or hair or even what vibe I wanted for the shoot. So when Maverick asked “let’s maybe do something playful?” I went with it. I think I am a very fun spirited person and I love me some cookies and cream flavored scoopy ice-cream.


This shoot was very “me”. I put my curls up, which is my go to hairstyle these days and decided to keep my permanent face accessory on (my glasses) because that’s what I look like on the daily. I also went with a natural glam make-up look. This was a hot and sunny day in the Bay following a spell of colder days, so I was happy to pair my Kwezi Shop Brett Robson top with my frilly pants.


Take a look at the awesome shots below. Also, how beautiful is the bay?


Thanks, Mav for the awesome shoot. Go follow him on Instagram @lifeafter8_5.


Enjoy the long weekend.

Top – Shop Brett Robson | Pants – The Fix | Shoes – Mr Price

Photography – Maverick Coltman

Click image to enlarge.


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  1. Dude, your birthday’s coming up?!

    I remember telling you “If you feel good, we’ll make good photos”… and look at that ? Thanks for being game on such short notice. Awesome post. Here’s to 24 and many more.

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