What I got for R500 mall voucher and a Cotton On Perks voucher – Part 2

So in last weeks post, I explained how I got rewarded with a mall voucher and the first few items I purchased with it. This week, you get to find out what I did with the rest of it and how I used my Cotton On Perks voucher to save some bucks as well.


See the shoes in the above image? Funny story about them, friends. I have been looking for a great pair of black block heels for the longest time. Now you’re probably thinking, “They have these in almost every store”. However, I wanted a black pair and I specifically wanted a block heel. I didn’t want it to be too high and the price had to be just right. So I spotted the above pair at Mr Price on the same day I bought the items in my previous post but they only had 2-3 pairs left. Obviously they were not my size. So an eager Kelly took a pair to the counter and asked them to see if they had stock in a size 3 at any of the other PE branches. It’s just my luck that when I find the shoes I want, they are sold out in my size everywhere. Disappointed, I paid for my other items and left the store.


Two days later, I see something online and head back to Mr Price, in hope I’d be lucky that they would have my size. They did not have the item I was looking for at all. But what they did have, was a lonely size 3 in the shoes I’d wanted two days ago! I got really happy and saw another woman eyeing them as well. I looked at her feet and thought “Girrrrl, you are definitely not a size 3, those are mine!”. I shyly gave her the side eye and took them off the shelf, fitted them on and happily walked to the counter to pay. It’s not everyday you get a pair of shoes you’ve been looking for at the price I paid (R169.99).


With the shoes being R170, I only had 40 bucks left on my voucher. What does one do with R40 these days? So I thought I’d just buy sweets. Then, I walked into the Cotton On Sale and saw these wrap dresses. I’d also been eyeing these dresses but wanted to wait until they went on sale to purchase one. I also remembered I’d registered for Cotton On perks and had a R100 off voucher. So I found a dress in my size, headed to the pay point and made the purchase! The wrap dress was initially R449 but was marked down to R250 on sale. With my perks voucher I got it for R150. But wait… There’s still R40 left on my mall voucher. I quickly changed my mind about spending it on sweets and used it on the dress too. So all in all, I paid R110 for a dress that was initially R449. Which also means, In total I only took R110 out of my pocket for 4 items, minus the cash I used to buy sweets anyway (I couldn’t resist).


I love a good bargain. Let me know if you’ve scored a great bargain recently.



Dress РCotton On | Shoes РMr Price | Earrings РFoschini 


Photography – Hughan Milborrow

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